Ettore Jelmorini was born in the little village of Intragna on May 17, 1909.

The early death of his mother, that left him orphaned with eight brothers and sisters, and difficult domestic circumstances soon obliged him to start working as a stonemason together with his brothers and his father Gottardo.

His family moved to the Vigezzo Valley (Italy) and for ten years (1920-1930) lived in the village of Re, where the building of a new sanctuary with natural stone offered some job opportunities to this family of stonemasons.

Once back in Ticino he worked in the quarries of the Valle Maggia, of Vergeletto and of Intragna as a stonemason but also as a quarrier .

In 1943 he married Dina Turri and they had a son, Renato and a daughter, Ester. Ettore Jelmorini died suddenly on April 6, 1968 at the age of 59.